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John Romero is hurting the game industry

John Romero, co-founder of id Software (Doom, Quake, etc.) is seriously out of touch. He has posted a series of blog entries claiming, and then retracting the claim, that game modders are hurting the industry. His comments were prompted by the ESRB's change in its rating for Oblivion from Teen to Mature.

This is old news, but it is worth mentioning even now because:

1. Romero's comments are wildly inaccurate. He claims the ESRB changed the rating for Oblivion because "some modder" added nudity to the game. The ESRB did mention this fact in its statement, but it is NOT the real reason they changed the rating, and Romero fails to address the main reason at all.

2. The press repeated Romero's statements, further spreading the misinformation and giving it a lot more validity than it deserves.

In fact, the nudity mod issue is a red herring.

It's just a convenient excuse for the ESRB to correct a mistake in the way they rated Oblivion to begin with.

I think the ESRB rati…

Current Release Threads

These are the curent release threads I'm actively supporting on the Elder Scrolls Forums.

Qarl's Texture Pack II
Basically I'm just handling support for Qarl's mod on the ESF forums and a few other places (at his request).

Skingrad Roof Textures
This is an unofficial add-on that I made for Qarl's Texture Pack II.

README ArchiveInvalidation Template
This is a modder's resource I created for people developing texture replacers.

Other threads where I can frequently be found lurking include:

Oblivion Mods FAQ
This is the ESF thread for my FAQ.

ArchiveInvalidation Destroyed
I frequently answer questions on almost anything related to ArchiveInvalidation problems.

I'm also active on the CanadianIce Oblivion forums.