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FAQ posted to TESSource

Looks like my FAQ will be getting even more readers.

TESSource, which hosts by far the largest database of Oblivion Mods, has opened a new Tutorials section, and I've posted a copy of my Oblivion Mods FAQ there.

DarkOne, who manages the site, has promised to "pin" the tutorial once he gets finished creating his new "pinning" system. This will greatly increase the chances for people to find the FAQ, which is great news.

Thanks, DarkOne!

An Old-Timer's Review of Oblivion

Comparisons to Morrowind
What the Expansions Need to Improve

Revised and updated, but still a work in progress, so please offer feedback.

I'm an old-time PnP (pen-and-paper) gamer, but I love CRPGs and video games in general, too. I didn't play Daggerfall, but that's probably because I was too hooked on Ultima Online and Diablo. I loved video games like Windwaker, Halo, Prince of Persia, KOTOR, Burnout, Fable, Jade Empire, Half-Life/2, etc., etc.

Morrowind stands tall near the top of my list of favorite games, right up there with the original white box Dungeons & Dragons, perhaps even equal to Squad Leader, Melee/Wizards, AD&D, Car Wars, Hero, GURPS, and then computer games like the original Wolfenstien 3D, Doom, Command & Conquer, Quake, Warcraft, and Planescape: Torment, as well as the video games mentioned above.

Oblivion is the newest entry to my list of greats.

You see, all this fuss about preserving "true RPG" elements and such don't mean much to …

Elder Scrolls Forum pins FAQ

The good news just keeps rolling in!

The moderators on the official Elder Scrolls Forums have pinned the ESF version of my Oblivion Mods FAQ. This means it will always stay at the top of the Oblivion Mods thread list and will continue to be available for new players to read. This should make it a LOT easier for new fans to get started with player-made mods for Oblivion and help to reduce the number of newbie questions posted in the official Oblivion Mods forum.


PlanetElderScrolls Adds Links to Oblivion Mods FAQ

Good news update!

APY, over at PlanetElderScrolls, has added a link from his Installing Oblivion Mods intro to my FAQ. I think this will introduce a whole new group of readers to the Oblivion Mods FAQ.

Thanks, APY!