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Update at long last!

It's been a while since the last update here, mostly because I've been so busy working on the main dev/akm website. It's coming along nicely, I think.

I guess it must be headed in the right direction since Game Informer magazine published a small article about the site earlier this month.

The article is GI's regular Mod World column on page 110 of the March issue. It provides a nice, brief summary of my site, focusing on the TOTO and TOQL guides. The article puts a lot of emphasis (and 2 out of 3 screenshots) on Qarl's Texture Pack, which makes good sense (and was good timing since the article went to press just before the release of QTP3). The TOQL part mentions The Legacy by Simyaz, Danger Sense by Addiktive, Kvatch Aftermath, and has a screenshot of Bjornheim!

You should be able to get a copy if you have a GameStop wherever you live.

Congrats to Qarl, Simyaz, Addiktive and all the other great modders whose work is featured on the site -- and especially to everyone w…