Update at long last!

It's been a while since the last update here, mostly because I've been so busy working on the main dev/akm website. It's coming along nicely, I think.

I guess it must be headed in the right direction since Game Informer magazine published a small article about the site earlier this month.

The article is GI's regular Mod World column on page 110 of the March issue. It provides a nice, brief summary of my site, focusing on the TOTO and TOQL guides. The article puts a lot of emphasis (and 2 out of 3 screenshots) on Qarl's Texture Pack, which makes good sense (and was good timing since the article went to press just before the release of QTP3). The TOQL part mentions The Legacy by Simyaz, Danger Sense by Addiktive, Kvatch Aftermath, and has a screenshot of Bjornheim!

You should be able to get a copy if you have a GameStop wherever you live.

Congrats to Qarl, Simyaz, Addiktive and all the other great modders whose work is featured on the site -- and especially to everyone who has contributed suggestions and ideas for the web site.

You rock!


slipmat said…
Hello, I really like your mods site, it's been excellent. I do have a question Oblivion related and that question is, what is the main difference between the "Big Three" or "Big Two", OOO, MMM and Frans.

Based on your quick set up instructions of OOO, I have been using that, and so far really like the changes, even though I don't really see the full scope of changes since I haven't really played Oblivion before. Yet I can tell that the fights are now more like battles and the game is more engaging.

My main problem with Oblivion untouched is the leveling system and all three mods seem to fix this, but I'm just trying to figure out the real difference between the three, or two, or four. (warcry?)


dev_akm said…
That's a hard question to answer.

I think it's really very difficult to give an accurate comparison of the two mods because they are so different. They both start with a similar premise -- to fix some of the gameplay problems in vanilla Oblivion, such as lowly bandits using Glass and Daedric items -- but that's about where the similarity ends in my opinion.

There are lots of reasons I prefer OOO, but I also really don't think you can compare the two mods. Although they were at one time fairly similar, I think they have obviously gone in very different directions, so by now they each really set out to accomplish very different things.

They both rebalance things and add new items to the world, true, but that's about it for similarities.

Fran focuses almost entirely on improving the random loot in the game and on the detailed percentages of progression through the vanilla Oblivion experience. Newcomer24 has said many times that he likes the random adventuring aspect of the game and seeks to improve it.

Oscuro focuses almost entirely on removing the sense of randomness from the game, attempting to make everything more static and, by extension, more meaningful. Sotobrastos has said many times that he seeks more than anything else to add immersion to the game by adding a sense of purpose and risk-versus-reward.

For me, both of these elements have their place, but Oscuro's is by far the most important for my style of play. It adds so much content to the game, so many critical gameplay elements, that it's absolutely essential for me.

Now, on top of this, though, I want even more icing on my cake, being the greedy sort that I am. :)

This is where FCOM comes in, trying to add elements of Fran and other mods that I like, too, without upsetting the balance of OOO too much.

If you want to read more along these lines, I recommend checking out this ESF thread:


(Most of the above opinions were extracted from my posts in that thread.)
Anonymous said…
Didn't know how to get in touch to you, so delete this after reading... ;)
"Darker Mods Pack" seems to have disappeared, esp. Version 2.0. Pity. Pls find it, or delete Links?
Cheers, Ragnar-GD

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