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Modders United

This is repeated from my post in a fun BGS thread that Elys started late last year, called Modders United:

What is the first unreleased (personal use) mod you ever made, for what game, and what was its purpose?

I definitely think my start came from the old PNP (pen & paper) days making up adventures for white box D&D, AD&D, Traveler, Gamma World, Space Opera, Wizards, Melee, Champions, GURPS and probably some others. In addition to crafting new stories and dungeons, I wrote a lot of new rule systems to expand and improve those games for myself and my friends. Eventually, I worked on several different complete RPG rule systems, none of which ever got completely finished.

I also attempted to write several text-based CRPGs, but I didn't really devote enough time to it. Way too much work starting from scratch with limited tools (BASIC on the Sinclair ZX80).

More than 20 years later, I got hooked on Morrowind. I first doodled with the CS just out of curiosity, but gradually sta…