Cloud Gaming?

It will be very interesting to see what comes of the recent announcement for the OnLive "games on demand" service. If it does actually manage to work as advertised, it could potentially disrupt the entire video game industry.

That's a big "if" since OnLive's claims are still unproven, but it's still scary. It seems that many game publishers, and probably a lot of casual gamers, would be very happy if it does work. The obvious big losers would of course be game pirates and hardware vendors (PC and console makers alike). Perhaps less obvious is that hardcore gamers, and especially modders, would be big losers, too.

Then again, maybe OnLive will inspire some strange new alliances. Could it force console makers to consider opening up to modders? Unlikely, but you never know. One thing is fairly certain: if OnLive does work, all bets are off.


N David said…
Why might it force console owners to open up to modders? Surely, if anything, it's a bad thing for the modding community. Remote instance = no mods can be applied (= lame).

Are you all over Fallout 3 or not? I'm a bit 'meh' about it. I thought you might get into the mod scene for it, but maybe you're like me and prefer the setting of Oblivion, with its natural beauty thanks to QTP :)
dev_akm said…
It "might" give console makers a reason to support mods exactly because it's something you can only do on a local system. If consoles did support mods, it would give players a very good reason not to switch to the "cloud gaming" paradigm where mods are not possible.

Fallout 3 is great, but I just haven't had time to get very far into it yet. I'm still far too busy working on Oblivion projects right now, but I do hope to immerse myself in Fallout 3 at some point (hopefully before TESV comes out). ;)
columbusbuck said…
I really can't find a place to comment, so I'll just leave it here and hope you don't mind:
In regards to your OOO spoilers, common questions section, there is merchant in Imperial City who will pay as much as 4000 gold for items (4500 at expert and higher). He's in the cobbler store on the second story-- just above Jensine's. I keep all the truly great loot in 'luggage' and when I'm in the area, I'll sell it to him.
dev_akm said…
That’s a great tip! Thanks!

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