QTP3: Redimized Screenshots

Download: QTP3: Redimized (nexusmods) | QTP3: Redimized (fileplanet)


Anonymous said…
I'll be sticking to computer gaming just like console guys will be sticking to consoles. I don't see this changing anything and I suspect this is going to be a black hole of failure.

On another note, thanks for the hard work you put into this site. It's essential.
Anonymous said…
Oops, Dev/akm if you can move that comment... I was referring to the TV gaming entry.
Anonymous said…
This comment is probably not posted to a relevant blog entry, so I'll apologize in advance ...

I downloaded QTP3 Redimized (the OMOD version) from tesnexus, and the installation readme has me completely confused. The tesnexus description says all textures are included, but the readme instructs me to download another 4GB+ of additional texture mods (I'm on dial-up). When I try to install the created OMOD without the additional textures, I get script errors. Could you please point me to some additional installation help for this mod?
dev_akm said…
I don't think you'll be able to download QTP3 over dialup. It really is several gigs. Here's the link to the Redimized version:

Arie said…
Hey, I know I shouldn't be leaving this message under this entry (the QTP3 is awesome and we all know it), but I just felt that I NEEEEEED to tell you how GRATEFUL I am for the FCOM, for the devnull.devakm site, for the tutorials, nice words around and aaaaaaaaaalll!! I mean really, words can't express my awe and teary eyes so I start multiplying letters, hence I should end xD

THANK YOU! And all this wonderful folk who made huge, UHMAHZING mods. You guys give people more joy than you can possibly imagine *-* /hug

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